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About Us

The Idea

Bristol and it’s harbourside, a setting that provides a multitude of diversity through its entertaining and fascinating maritime history. www.restaurantsofbristol.co.uk is a well established restaurant and hotel industry directory website, originally born from the Restaurants of Bristol Association website created many years back with support from the likes of ‘Rick Stein’ and others, the idea was to provide a website that would represent the Restaurants of Bristol Association and also give the end user detailed information on Bristol’s vibrant Hotel and Restaurant scene, with information on what they do , how to find them and how to book.

The Restaurants of Bristol Association unfortunately disbanded a few years ago and please let us point out that this website does not represent a new Restaurants of Bristol Association in any shape or form, it’s just that we were the web design company involved at that time and we forged many friendships and business relationships with a lot of the restaurants and associated Businesses, we areproud to take this idea forward as a directory/listing website.


Our Aim

Our aim is make this website your first port of call when searching for good places to eat and stay within Bristol, providing you with a vast source of information and reviews.

We will also be expanding the website as we go along, incorporating links to other products and services and interesting items, plus adding news stories that we feel relevant.

Company Information

ID Design UK
Reg Office: 10 Abbots Ave, Hanham, Bristol BS15 3PN
Tel +44 117 377 1500